Broadcast Professional ELIT FM 100 watt – 88 108 Mhz – FM Transmitter Wide Band


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This is a RARE REFURBISHED 100w FM Broadcast Transmitter

It is equipped with an hour meter, it is perfect.

It was built by Elit, a factory that produced equipment for State Radio and Television in Italy,

at the highest level.

100 W FM transmitter (for radio) with mono, MPX and SCA modulator.

The transmitter consists of a rack, power supply SPC2221 / 0, modulator AAE2311 and HF part TXE2221.

Fail-safe operation from external 48 V (42 … 58 V) backup power supply with mains priority and uninterrupted replacement

Synthesizer control 87 … 108 MHz

MPX signal input via Triax socket Lemo 0S650, SCA input via SMA, with separate level controls

Mono operation from NF or from MPX through switchable low pass

Operating displays (output power, stroke, operating voltage, current consumption …) via switchable pointer instrument

Protection against overtemperature, errors in frequency control and adaptation errors of the transmitter output

Remote operation with status messages through potential-free changeover contacts (power monitoring, temperature monitoring) and carrier lock can be implemented

Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz and 48 V DC voltage at approx. 5 A.

The model TMF-4C100 / SC made by the italian Elit company, is a modular 100 Watts Exciter / FM Transmitter.

The transmitter comes with mainframe, power supply SPC-2221/0, modulator AAE-2311, and the RF module TXE-2221.

External 48 V DC reserve power supply for extra security against black-out

Synthesizer 87 … 108 MHz

Mono operation by NF or by MPX, switchable low pass

Output power, deviation, voltage, current can be controlled on the analogue display

Elit (Elettronica Italia spa) TMF4C100 / SC

Dimensions: 485mm (W / W) x 145mm (H / H) x 430mm (D / D)

Weight / Weight: 16.6 kg

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