Broadcast Elenos Indium ETG1000 1000W FM Transmitter Stereo


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Perfect for LPFM. Save on your electric bill with our energy saving transmitter lowest powered transmitter. 1000 watts of pure reliable power. Comes with built-in stereo exciter.

The Indium series of transmitters boast a certifiable efficiency rate of 74%. That means savings in electrical, operating and cooling costs. Thanks to the lower operating temperature, the life of the transmitter is extended.

The Indium series of transmitters is two rack units high, and less than 33 pounds: That’s a fraction of the weight of similar devices, giving you savings in space and even shipping costs.

The Indium Series uses the planar technology for the entire RF section (RF modules, combiners, splitters and low-pass filter). This minimizes internal connections and soldering. That means increased stability, simplified maintenance and an overall increase in reliability. The chances of failure are severely reduced, and maintenance is simplified.

Thanks to our efficient design, the internal temperatures of the transmitters remain outstandingly low. Energy savings, long product life and even environmental protection are guaranteed. Want to see how much? Calculate your savings with this tool!

Controlling Indium is easy. It’s possible to configure all the parameters of the transmitter by simply navigating through the software menus using a front panel control knob. Easy Access buttons take you directly to the main functions of the transmitter, so you can operate them quickly. Operating parameters such as voltage, temperature, power, among others, are shown in an O-LED display. Indium transmitters also include LEDs that provide a quick snapshot of the status of the equipment. Complete monitoring capabilities of all parameters on transmitter are easily accessible.

To combat high humidity conditions, all of our circuit boards are protected with a spray coating to prevent corrosion or shorting. An aluminum chassis is used to further avoid corrosion. To combat humidity we pay particular attention to the air flow inside the transmitter. These are some of the things that make Elenos transmitters so reliable. We use multiple fans for cooling, however all of the fans can stop running and the transmitter will stay on the air – albeit at reduced power. To prove our point, watch this video. (video link) By doing these things, we ensure that the transmitter can work in the most extreme environmental conditions.

All Indium transmitters feature TC/TS for integration with remote control systems. Plus, remote control can be carried out directly from an iPhone or Android phone, using our app and e-Box.(link to e-Box) The transmitter can store up to 6 different profiles of operation. All working parameters are configurable. (Such as frequency, power, audio modes and levels) Our Echo6 N+1 interface allows the transmitter to be used as a reserve in any N+1 system, with any manufacturer’s transmitter. Indium Series Transmitters are supplied with Ethernet port for connecting to a network with TCP/IP or SNMP. The transmitter also has an integrated web server for control over the internet. The transmitter can be equipped with an internal GSM modem for management over SMS. This features a full range of quick and remote diagnostics. HostLink standard protocol makes it simple to handle large amounts of data to diagnose remotely.




Output Nominal Power 1000 W adjustable
Operating band 87.5 ÷ 108 MHz
RS232/RS485 Yes. Connector DB9 female
Points of measure RF Sample – MPX Monitor
Displayed Parameters More than 50 parameters displayed on a wide
graphic 0-LED screen
Adjustments From the frontal panel through OLED/from PC
Number of L-DMOS in amplifier stage 2
RF power stage technology ICEFET & ECOSAVING
Dimensions: Rack units 2 RU
Dimensions: W – H – D 48.5 – 8.5 – 58.5 cm / 19.11 – 3.35 – 23.05 inches
Weight 13.2 Kg / 29.1 lbs
Number of cooling fans 3

RF Output 7/16? DIN Female
MPX BNC Female
AUX BNC Female
Monitor/19 kHz BNC Female

Output impedance 50 ?
Automatic power RF control Stabilizes the output power value to the Target
power level selected
Overall output power RF stability +/- 0,1 dB
VSWR 2:1 at full power. Automatic power reduction
beyond 1.7:1. Transmitter is protected fro open
and short circuit.
Harmonics < -75 dBc
Out of band emission (spurious) < -80 dBc

MPX input level +15/-10 dBu for 75 KHz standard deviation
MPX level adjustment Soft adjust 0.1 dB steps from front panel
MPX input impedance 5 K? selectable
L/R input level +15/-10 dBu for 75 KHz standard deviation
L/R level adjustment Soft adjust 0.1 dBu steps from front panel
L/R Input Impedance Selectable 10 K – 600 ?, balanced
AES/EBU input resolution 24 bits
AES/EBU input sample rate 32,44.1,48,96 KHz Automatically selected
AES/EBU input level -20 dBFS – 0 dBFS
AES/EBU input impedance 110 ? balanced
AES/EBU-Analog input automatic changeover Yes
PILOT Amplitude adjustment Soft adjust 0.05% steps from front panel
PILOT Phase adjustment Soft adjust 0.01 degree steps from front panel
PILOT tone frequency 19 KHz
PILOT tone deviation Soft adjust +/- 7.5 KHz
PILOT tone frequency stability +/- 1 Hz
THD+N (stereo/mono operation) < 0.05% with 75 KHz frequency deviation
< 0.05% with 100 KHz frequency deviation
30 Hz to 15 KHz
Pre-emphasis 0/25/50/75 microseconds, selectable
Pre-emphasis tolerance +/- 0.1 dB
FM S/N (MPX operation) 82 dB
20 Hz to 23 KHz
@ 53 KHz – detector RMS
FM S/N CCIR (stereo/mono operation) > = 72 dB weighted
> = 72 dB unweighted
400 Hz, 75 KHz frequency deviation,
quasi-peak detector, 50 us de-emphasis
Asynchronous AM S/N unweighted > = 55 dB a 400 Hz, 75 us de-emphasis
Synchronous AM S/N > = 50 dB a 400 Hz, 75 us de-emphasis
Amplitude-frequency characteristic
(stereo/mono operation)
+/- 0.1 dB (without pre-emphasis)
+/- 0.1 dB (with pre-emphasis)
20 Hz to 15 KHz, @ 400 Hz
Stereo Crosstalk (typical) 60 dB
@ 400 Hz to 10 KHz
Linear crosstalk >60 db 20 Hz to 15 KHz
Intermodulation distortion <0.05% Measured with two of tones 1 KHz & 1.3 KHz,
ratio 1:1 at 100% modulation
Class of emission F3
Stereo emission According to ITU-R reccomendation
450 (pilot tone)

PLL lock time <10 sec
Frequency deviation +/- 75 KHz 0.1 dB steps adjustable
Maximum frequency deviation +/- 150 KHz
Frequency stability 1 ppm
RF Frequency steps 10 KHz
Phase Response +/- 0.1 degree from linear phase;
20 KHz to 100 KHz

Power supply 230 Singlephase Version 50-60 Hz VAC
Power consumption (typical) 1430 W
Current consumption (typical@230 V) 6.2 A
Overall efficiency (typical from -3 dB
to Pnom)
> = 70%
Power factor > 0.95

Cooling system Forced air-cooling
Acoustic noise < 65 phone @ transmitter room, 2 M distance
from the front of the transmitter

Temperature range (operating) -5 ÷ +45 °C, 23 ÷ 113 °F
Temperature range (non operating) -20 ÷ +55 °C, -4 ÷ 131 °F
Humidity range (operating) 95% @ 40 °C, 104 °F
Humidity range (non operating) 90% @ 55 °C, 131 °F
Altitude range (operating) <3000 meters / <9840 Feet
Altitude range (non operating) <15000 meters / < 49200 Feet

Remote control Yes
Remote control, dry contacts Yes
SNMP option Yes (external)