Transmitter Broadcast FM wide band TEM OPERA 1500 watt – with Remote Control


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Refurbished TEM OPERA Fm broadcast transmitter 1500 watt

Power output: 0-1500 watts

Power supply: 220v

Entrance: mpx sca1 sca2

Overhauled by the manufacturer, excellent condition

This transmitter operating in the 87,5÷108 MHz  band, Out 1500 watt.

Operating frequency can be set up in a few seconds by the synthesizer. The equipment is fully microprocessor controlled.

These transmitters are ideally suited for unmanned stations, in fact they do not require periodically maintenance and are fully protected.

The installation is very fast and maintenance very easy.

  • Wideband circuits amplifiers with MOSFET technology
  • Built-in exciter with digital frequency synthesiser and stereo encoder built-in
  • Automatic fold-back ROS protection
  • 2 levels of temperature protection
  • RF 1500W MOSFET amplifier for high redundancy
  • LCD display to check all operating parameters
  • PFC switching power supply for highest reliability and efficiency
  • Sealed duct cooling air with two blowers
  • Easy removable double blower
  • Harmonics filter built-in
  • Air filter easy removable and washable
  • RS232 facility to control the transmitter by “hiper terminal”

– Whith Remote control by GSM modem


Operating voltage                                       230VAC +-}10 %

Cooling                                                     Forced air with two built-in blowers

Line power                                                <2100VA

Operatingl temperature range                      -5° to 45°C

Storage temperature range                          -40° to 50°C

Output RF connector                                   7/16”

Monitor RF connector                                  BNC

Dimensions                                                               485x132x625 mm

Weight                                                      25 Kg


Frequency range                                        87.5 to 108MHz

Frequency setting                                       in 10KHz or 100 KHz steps

Setting mode                                             by keys on the front panel

Frequency stability                                     +-}500Hz/year

Frequency generation                                 PLL synthesizer

Modulation type                                         direct VCO frequency modulation F3

Nominal frequency deviation                        +-}75KHz

Deviation linearity in all frequency range        +-}0.2dB

RF output power                                        >1,6 kW

Reverse output power control limit                50 to 100W

Harmonics emission                                    <-70dBc

Spurious emission                                       <-95dBc


MONO (left and right)                                 30Hz to 15KHz

STEREO (by internal stereo generator)          30Hz to 53KHz

SCA + RDS                                                30Hz to 100KHz

Composite                                                 Mono or Stereo + SCA + RDS


Signal input                                               MPX Composite

Input impedance                                        10Kohm unbalanced

Input connector                                         BNC

Input level                                                Adjustable

Audio frequency response (30Hz to 60KHz))   <0.5dB

Modulation distortion                                   <0.2%

Signal to noise ratio                                    >75dB


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In addition to many other transmitters of all powers, refurbished as new and new.

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