Broadcast Prof SIELCO GX 2000w FM stereo Transmitter Wide Band 88 108 Mhz


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It sells Broadcast Transmitter SIELCO



Wide Band from 88 to 108 Mhz

Official Standard Sielco warranty – Except mosfets, amps and transistors.

Also available:

  1. 2 – Transmitter FM 88/108 RVR TEX 1000w with encoder stereo and remote control, revised and perfect
  2. 2 – Transmitter FM 88/108 RVR TEX 2000w with encoder stereo and remote control, revised and perfect

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To know what taxes to pay (Customs, VAT) for the purchase of the equipment, before paying to ask , indicating if you are a company if you have a VAT number, if the equipment must be shipped to Europe or in the rest of the world !!

For example:

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Intra UE without VAT / TVA + 22%